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Title Development and Performance Analysis of 100kW, 100kHz, 99% Soft-Switching Boost Converter for FCEV
Authors Jin-Young Kim ; Kieu Huu Phuc ; Nguyen Dinh Bao Hung ; Dong-Han Lee ; Siddant Bikram Pandey ; Sewan Choi
Page pp.377-386
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Boost Converter; FCEV(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle); FDC; Interleaved; Soft-Switching
Abstract This study proposes a 100 kW fuel cell direct-current (DC)-DC converter (FDC ) for fuel cell electric vehicle. The modular design is adopted for easy maintenance and power expansion in mass production. The two modules produce an output of 100 kW, and each module is composed of a two-phase interleaved boost converter and a zero-voltage transition (ZVT) cell. By using the ZVT cell, the proposed FDC can achieve soft switching. The proposed structure of the FDC alleviates switching loss, significantly increasing switching frequency to reduce the volume of passive components. To determine the market competitiveness of the proposed FDC, its volume, price, efficiency, and loss are compared with those of conventional FDC. Finally, the experimental performance of the 100 kW prototype is verified to confirm the validity of the proposed FDC. The full load efficiency and maximum efficiency of the FDC are 98.87% and 99.09%, respectively. Moreover, a power density of 27.2 kW/L is achieved.