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Title Third Harmonic Modulation Technique for Improving Induction Heating Performance of Low Resistance Pot
Authors Wonsik Jeong ; Jun-Suk Lee ; Kyung-Wook Heo ; Jee-Hoon Jung
Page pp.11-26
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords IH(Induction Heating); THM(Third Harmonic Modulation); Phase shift modulation; Low resistance pot
Abstract Induction Heating(IH) systems are widely used in industry applications and home appliances due to the advantages of high efficiency, fast heat, and high safety compared with other heating methods. However, one disadvantage of the IH system is the limited heating range of a pot. A low-resistance pot induces a large current, so it is impossible to transfer power to the pot for proper heating due to the maximum current rating of the power switch. To solve this problem, the third harmonic modulation(THM) has been previously proposed, but it shows limited heating performance owing to the high possibility of ZVS failure caused by the influence of the first harmonic component. In this paper, a novel THM employing a phase shift modulation(PSM) is proposed to improve the IH performance via two mechanisms: by reducing the influence of the first harmonic component and by expanding the ZVS range of the power switch.