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Title Comparison of Power Densities of Single 6.6 kW and Double 3.3 kW Planar Transformers for Bidirectional On-Board Chargers
Authors Eun-Chong Noh ; Gildong Kim ; Sumi Park ; Jeongwoo Son ; Seung-Hwan Lee
Page pp.32-69
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Planar transformer; High-power density converter; High-frequency transformer
Abstract This paper presents a comparison of optimized designs for a high-frequency planar transformer intended for high-power density converters for on-board chargers(OBC), considering both single operation and parallel operation scenarios. High-power density converters can be designed in parallel operation topology rather than single operation topology to enhance power density, system efficiency, and thermal performance. In parallel operation, the increased count of switches and passive components is mitigated by the lower current burden on each component, thus boosting power density and efficiency. However, parallel operation may not always result in advantages in terms of power density and efficiency. Thus, careful consideration is needed at the topology design stage. The study focuses on a 6.6 kW bidirectional DC-DC converter that utilizes a 220V single-phase input. Planar transformers are then optimized for both operation scenarios, and their performances are compared under the same conditions. The designs are validated through the results of finite element analysis(FEA) simulations.