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Title Switching Techniques for Reduce Current Measurement Noise by Switching between Parallel Single Shunt Inverters with Common DC Link
Authors Ju-An Kim ; Yong-Gyu Cho ; Hyeon-Gyu Choi
Page pp.48-106
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Single shunt inverter; Parallel inverters; Single shunt current sensing noise; Switching timing adjustment; Reduce current measurement noise.
Abstract This paper aims to reveal the syntactic structure of ‘ida’ constructions on the basis of their semantic interpretations and to evaluate the syntactic function of the morpheme {i}. We took note on the syntactically significant difference which {i} makes, among several types of ‘ida’ constructions and found out that {i} turns the precedent element of it into the predicate of the clause. Then the remaining question is what the grammatical status of {i} in Korean grammar is, and we conclude that we can count it as one of the pre-final endings in the traditional terminology.