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Title Control and Operating Modes of Battery Energy Storage System for a Stand-Alone Microgrid with Diesel Generator
Authors Jongmin Jo ; Hyunsung An ; Jichan Kim ; Hanju Cha
Page pp.86-93
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Stand-alone microgrid ; Battery energy storage system ; Diesel generator ; CVCF control
Abstract In this work, control methods and operating modes are proposed to manage standalone microgrid. A standalone microgrid generally consists of two sources, namely, battery energy storage system (BESS) and diesel generator (DG). BESS is the main source that supplies active and reactive power regardless of load conditions, whereas DG functions as an auxiliary power source. BESS operates in a constant voltage constant frequency (CVCF) control, which includes proportional-integral + resonant controller in a parallel structure. In CVCF control, the concept of fundamental positive and negative transformation is utilized to generate a three-phase sinusoidal voltage under imbalanced load condition. Operation modes of a standalone microgrid are divided into three modes, namely, normal, charge, and manual modes. To verify the standalone microgrid along with the proposed control methods, a demonstration site is constructed, which contains 115 kWh lead-acid battery bank, 50 kVA three-phase DC?AC inverter, and 50 kVA DG and controllable loads. In the CVCF control, the total harmonic distortion of output voltage is improved to 1.1% under imbalanced load. This work verifies that the standalone microgrid provides high-quality voltage, and three operation modes are performed from the experimental results.