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Title Design of DC Battery Size & Controller for Household Single-Phase ESS-PCS Considering Voltage Drop and DC Link Voltage Ripple
Authors Yong-Jung Kim ; Jinsung Lee ; Hyosung Kim
Page pp.94-100
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords ESS(Energey Storage System) ; PCS(Single Phase Power Conditioning System) ; DC link voltage ripple ; Battery size ; Feedforward DC voltage control
Abstract Generally, in a single-phase energy storage system (ESS) for households, AC ripple component with twice the fundamental frequency exists inevitably in the DC link voltage of single-phase PCS. In the grid-connected mode of a single-phase inverter, the AC ripple component in the DC link voltage causes low-order harmonics on grid-side current that deteriorates power quality on an AC grid. In this work, a control system adopting a feedforward controller is established to eliminate the AC ripple interference on the DC link side. Optimal battery nominal voltage design method is also proposed by considering the voltage loss and AC ripple voltage on DC link side in a single-phase ESS. Finally, the control system and battery nominal voltage design method are verified through simulations and experiments.