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Title High Efficiency Operation of the IPT converter with Full and Half bridge Control for Electric Vehicles
Authors Sang-Joon Ann ; Dong-Myoung Joo ; Min-Kook Kim ; Byoung-Kuk Lee
Page pp.423-430
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords IPT(Inductive Power Transfer) ; WPT(Wireless Power Transfer) ; Full bridge inverter ; Half bridge control ; Light load efficiency improvement
Abstract This paper proposes a control methodology for a high efficiency operation of an inductive power transfer (IPT) converter by combining full bridge (FB) and half bridge (HB) controls. To apply the proposed control to the IPT converter, the characteristics of each control method are analyzed. By examining the output voltages of the IPT converter and a theoretical loss analysis, the control shifting points between FB and HB controls are evaluated in accordance with the coupling coefficients and the load. Based on the control shifting points, the FB-HB control algorithm is implemented. By applying FB-HB control, high efficiency operation at the light load condition can be achieved.