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Title High Performance Current Control Algorithm Based on Virtual DQ Synchronous Reference Frame for Single-Phase Boost PFC Converter
Authors Hyun-Geun Kim ; Seong-Min Jin ; Sang-Hee Lee ; Su-Hyoung Lee ; Joohn-Sheok Kim
Page pp.496-503
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Boost converter ; PFC(Power Factor Correction) ; Single-phase current control ; Virtual DQ synchronous reference frame
Abstract This study proposes a high-performance current control algorithm for a diode-bridge-type single-phase boost power factor correction (PFC) converter. The conventional asynchronous single-phase current controllers that directly control AC-type current tend to be accompanied by steady-state errors due to their poor dynamic characteristics for the transient-state, which can be attributed to bandwidth limitations and phase delays. In the proposed algorithm, an ideal current control with minimal phase delays and steady-state errors can be achieved by using a virtual DQ synchronous reference frame and by controlling the synchronous reference frame excluding the frequency component in the single-phase system. The performance of the conventional asynchronous single-phase current controller is compared with that of the proposed algorithm through simulation and experiments, and the results have confirmed the superiority of the latter.