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Title Online Turn-Off Angle Control for Performance Optimization of the Switched Reluctance Motor
Authors Byeong-Ho Jeong ; Youn-Ok Choi ; Kang-Yeon Lee ; Geum-Bae Cho ; Soo-Bok Chung
Page pp.98-106
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords switched reluctance motor; optimal turn off angle control; performance optimization; soft chopping strategy
Abstract A soft-switching scheme for the PWM boost converter, ZCT (Zero current transition : ZCT) boost converter is newly proposed to obtain the desirable features of both the conventional PWM boost and resonant converters such as easy of control, reduced switching losses and stresses, and low EMI. In order to achieve the soft-switching action, the proposed scheme employs an auxiliary circuit, which is added to the conventional boost converter and used to achieve soft-switching for both the main switch and the output diode while not incurring any additional losses due to auxiliary circuit itself. The basic operations, in this paper, are discussed and design guidelines are presented. Through a 100KHz, 60-W prototype, the usefulness of the proposed scheme is verified.