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Title DC/DC Converter Design for 7kW Fuel Cell
Authors Ga-In Kim ; Min-Ho Shin ; Jung-Hyo Lee
Page pp.150-156
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fuel cell system; Fuel cell-battery hybrid system; Fuel cell system for forklift
Abstract This study proposes a design method of fuel cell DC/DC converter using in 5-ton forklift. For efficient hydrogen usage, targeted fuel cell system recirculates discarded hydrogen after fuel cell reaction. Recirculating hydrogen contains much impurities that reduces output power, increasing pressure that can damage the internal fuel cell reaction system. The proposed DC/DC converter effectively converts fuel cell power considering the voltage drop rate to reflect the recirculating hydrogen. Then, frequency control method is used to regulate the current ripple amount for battery and fuel cell hybrid configuration. Proposed power converter system design and control methods are verified in a practical fuel cell system that implements recirculating hydrogen.