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Title Switching-Cell Back-to-Back Current Source Converter
Authors Daheon Hong ; Honnyong Cha
Page pp.241-248
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Arm-open; back-to-back converter; current source; space vector PWM; switching-cell
Abstract Current source converters (CSCs) have certain advantages over voltage source converters, such as their use of an inductor for power decoupling and the absence of the shoot-through problem. However, the open-circuit problem is a serious issue in CSCs. Conventional CSCs require an adequate overlap time to prevent the open-circuit problem, but the overlap time can distort input and output waveforms. Thus, this study proposed a three-phase switching-cell back-to-back CSC (SC-CSC). Compared with conventional CSCs, the proposed SC-CSC can avoid the open-circuit issue and hence demonstrates enhanced reliability. In addition, owing to the switching-cell capacitors in the proposed SC-CSC, this study proposed a modified SVPWM to obtain the same voltage rating for the semiconductor device as that of conventional converters. Furthermore, this study analyzed the operating principle and characteristics of the proposed SC-CSC in detail.