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Title Torque-Based Discontinuous PWM Method for Switch Power Loss Reduction in Five-Leg Inverter
Authors Eun-Woo Lee ; Tae-Hyeong Kim ; Do-Hyeon Kim ; June-Seok Lee
Page pp.271-281
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Five-Leg Inverter (FLI); Discontinuous Pulse Width Modulation (DPWM); Induction Motors (IMs); Dual-Motor Driving System; Switching Power Loss
Abstract This paper proposes a torque-based discontinuous pulse width modulation (TB-DPWM) method for a five-leg inverter (FLI) driving two induction motors to maximize the power loss reduction when the two motors have different torque values. The rotation carrier-based DPWM (Rotation CB-DPWM) method have been proposed to increase the efficiency of the inverter by reducing switching power loss of switches. However, the Rotation CB-DPWM method could not maximize the power loss reduction when the torque values of the two motors were different. Therefore, this paper proposes the TB-DPWM method to maximize the power loss reduction under the unbalanced torque condition. The proposed method can calculate the offset voltage for clamping the reference voltage by considering the torque magnitude of the two motors. This paper verifies the effectiveness of the proposed method using the simulation and experiment results.