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Title A Study on the LLC2C Resonance Compensation Circuit to Suppress the Parasitic Resonance in the LLC Type Wireless Power Converter
Authors Ji-Ho Lim ; Joohn-Sheok Kim
Page pp.291-298
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LLC converter; LLCC converter; Parasitic resonance suppressing; Wireless power transfer
Abstract A highly efficient LLCC-type resonant DC-DC converter for a wireless power transfer converter with an LC filter in the output stage is discussed in this study. Emphasis is placed on the special design to suppress the parasitic resonance between the parasitic capacitance of the rectifier bridge and inductance of the LC filter. To suppress the parasitic resonance, a capacitor involved in the main resonant action is attached to the output of the rectifier bridge. Furthermore, another capacitor is connected in series on the output side of the transformer to achieve simple and plat gain curves regardless of the load variation. The simulation and experiment results demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed converter.