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Title Improved Parameter Identification of SPMSM Using High-Frequency Signal Injection Methods at Standstill
Authors Jeong-Yeon Kim ; Sang-Il Kim
Page pp.345-352
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords SPMSM(Surface-mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors); High-frequency signal injection; Parameter estimation; Time-delay compensation; Dead time compensation
Abstract This paper proposed a high-frequency signal injection technique to accurately estimate the parameters of SPMSM at standstill. In the zero-speed region, given that the motor has no back electromotive force, the output voltage of the inverter is small, and parameter estimation becomes difficult due to the influence of the non-linearity of the inverter. When a high-frequency signal is injected, the impedance of the motor increases so that a relatively high voltage can be applied. However, even if a high-frequency injection signal is applied, voltage distortion occurs due to the non-linearity of the inverter, thereby resulting in dead time or time delay and deteriorated parameter estimation performance. In this paper, DC-biased high-frequency signals were injected, and accurate motor parameters were estimated by compensating for the time delay. Simulations and experiments were performed to verify the validity of the proposed method.