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Title Standstill Identification of Magnetic Flux Saturation Model Including Cross-Saturation for Synchronous Motors
Authors 우태겸(Tae-gyeom Woo) ; 박상우(Sang-woo Park) ; 최승철(Seung-Cheol Choi) ; 윤영두(Young-Doo Yoon) ; 이학준(Hak-Jun Lee) ; 홍찬욱(Chanook Hong) ; 이정준(Jeongjoon Lee)
Page pp.364-371
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Cross-saturation; LSM (Least Square Method); Self-saturation; Standstill
Abstract A magnetic flux saturation model of Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRMs) and a parameter estimation method are proposed at standstill. The proposed magnetic flux model includes the nonlinear relationship between the current and the magnetic flux for self-saturation and cross-saturation. Voltage is injected at standstill to estimate the magnetic flux saturation model. Voltages are injected into the d-axis and q-axis to obtain data on self-saturation. Subsequently, voltages are simultaneously injected into the d-q axis to obtain data on cross-saturation. On the basis of the measured current and the calculated magnetic flux, the parameters of the proposed model are estimated using the least square method (LSM). Simulation and experiment were performed on a 1.5-kW SynRM to verify the proposed method. The proposed model can be used to create a high-efficiency operation table, a sensorless algorithm, and a current controller to improve the control performance of a motor.