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A Study on 6-pulse-shift Current-source PWM Inverterfor Photovoltaic System

Joung-Min Lim ; Sang-Hun Lee ; Sung-Jun Park ; Chae-Joo Moon ; Young-Hak Chang ; Man-Hyung Lee

The Operating System of High-power LED module with Back-Boost Mode

Ji-Hyun Chung ; Sung-Geun Song ; Sung-Jun Park ; Young-Hak Chang ; Chae-Joo Moon

A Contact-less Power Supply for Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Hyun-Kwan Lee ; Young-su Kong ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Yoon-Ho Kim ; Gi-Sik Lee ; Sung-In Kang ; Bong-Geun Chung

Implementation of Multi-Channel Power Components Measuremen System

Myung-Un Lee ; Jae-Geun Yoo ; Sang-Ick Lee ; Myung-Hyun Cho ; Gyu-Ha Choe

The Stabilized Speed Control Modeling of Single-side Linear Induction Motor Considering End-effect

Hong-Woo Lim ; Bong Chae ; Moon-Han Choi ; Kang-Yeon Lee ; Geum-Bae Cho ; Hyung-Lae Ba