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Practical Design and Implementation of a Power Factor Correction Valley-Fill Flyback Converter with Reduced DC Link Capacitor Volume

Se-Min Kim ; Kyung-Soo Kang ; Sung-Jae Kong ; Hye-Mi Yoo ; Chung-Wook Roh

Improved Modulation Scheme for Medium Voltage Modular Multi-level Converter Operated in Nearest Level Control

Do-Hyun Kim ; Jae-Hyuk Kim ; Byung-Moon Han

A Study on the Efficiency Prediction of Low-Voltage and High-Current dc-dc Converters Using GaN FET-based Synchronous Rectifier

Jea-Woong Jeong ; Hyun-Bin Kim ; Jong-Soo Kim ; Nam-Joon Kim

A High Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter with Wide Operation Range using Adaptive Turn Ratio Transformer for a Li-ion Battery

Hyeong-Gu Han ; Yeong-Jun Choi ; Rae-Young Kim ; Juyong Kim ; Juyong Kim

Design of a 2kW Bidirectional Synchronous DC-DC Converter for Battery Energy Storage System

Taeyeong Lee ; Byung-Geuk Cho ; Younghoon Cho ; Chanook Hong ; Han-Sol Lee ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho

A Study of the Three Port NPC based DAB Converter for the Bipolar DC Grid

Hyeok-Jin Yun ; Myoungho Kim ; Ju-Won Baek ; Ju-Yong Kim ; Hee-Je Kim

Non-Dissipative Snubber for High Switching Frequency and High Power Density Step-Down Converters

Jung-Min Shin ; Chul-Wan Park ; Sang-Kyoo Han

Application of DC distribution IPS to a 10t Class Fishing Boat

Young-Kwang Son ; Sehwa Choe ; Seung-Yong Lee ; So-Yeon Kim ; Seung-Ki Sul