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A Simplified Voltage Balancing Method Applied to Multi-level H-bridge Converter for Solid State Transformer

Dong-Keun Jeong ; Ho-Sung Kim ; Ju-Won Baek ; Jin-Tae Cho ; Hee-Je Kim

Single Phase NPC Module - Development of 75KVA Single Phase Smart Transformer with 3 Serial Cascade Configuration

Ju-Young Park ; Gedeon Niyitegeka ; Kyeong-Sig Cho ; Myung-Yong Kim ; Ga-Woo Park

Design of an Integrated Current-Voltage Charging Compensator for the LLC Resonant Converter-Based Li-ion Battery Charger

Yeong-Jun Choi ; See-Young Choi ; Rae-Young Kim

Two-Stage Inductive Power Transfer Charger for Electric Vehicles

Min-Jung Kim ; Dong-Myoung Joo ; Sang-Joon Ann ; Byoung-Kuk Lee

A Study on the Soft-Switching Forward-Flyback Converter Using Auxiliary Inductor and Auxiliary Diode

A-Ra Lee ; Jun-Woo Park ; Sung-Soo Hong

A Control Method to Improve Power Conversion Efficiency of Three-level NPC-Based Dual Active Bridge Converter

Jun-Young Lee ; Hyun-Jun Choi ; Ju-Yong Kim ; Jee-Hoon Jung

Study on Small-signal Modeling and Controller Design of DC-DC Dual Active Bridge Converters

Won-Bin Lee ; Hyun-Jun Choi ; Jin-Tae Cho ; Jee-Hoon Jung

Dead time Compensation of Single-phase Grid-connected Inverter Using SOGI

Ui-Seok Seong ; Jae-Suk Lee ; Seon-Hwan Hwang ; Jang-Mok Kim