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A Single-stage Interleaved Electrolytic Capacitor-less EV Charger with Reduced Component Count

Min-Jae Kim ; Byeong-Woo Kim ; Bum-Kyo Jung ; Se-Wan Choi

Development of SRM Drive System for Built-in Car Vacuum Cleaners

Young-Soo Lee ; Jeongmin Noh ; Daejin Lee ; Jaehyuck Kim ; Han-Geol Seon ; Man-Seung Han

Maximum Power Control of Tidal Current Generation System using P&O Algorithm

Seok-Hwan Moon ; Ji-Won Kim ; Byung-Gun Park ; Jang-Mok Kim

Analysis of a 3-Degree-of-Freedom Spherical Actuator using VCM Principle

Junghyun Chu ; Noboru Niguchi ; Katsuhiro Hirata

Eliminating Method of Estimated Magnetic Flux Offset in Flux based Sensorless Control Algorithm of Surface Mounted PM Synchronous Motor

Hack-Jun Kim ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho ; Hag-Wone Kim ; Kwang-Woon Lee

A Position Control of BLDC Motor in a Rail Guided System for the Un-maned Facility Security

Jong-Nam Bae ; Dong-Hee Lee

Average Current Mode Control Technique Having Fast Response

Hae-Chan Park ; Il-Song Kim

Development of a Powertrain for 20kW Experimental Electric Vehicle Using Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Sung-Hwan Park ; Jeong-Ju Lee ; Jong-Yull Son ; Young-Il Lee

DC Voltage Balancing Control of Half-Bridge PWM Inverter for Liniear Compressor of Refrigerator

Ho-Jin Kim ; Hyeong-Jin Kim ; Dong-Youn Kim ; Jang-Mok Kim