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Control Method of Modular Multilevel Converter to Reduce Switching Losses

So-Young Park ; Jae-Chang Kim ; Sang-Shin Kwak

High Performance Current Control Algorithm Based on Virtual DQ Synchronous Reference Frame for Single-Phase Boost PFC Converter

Hyun-Geun Kim ; Seong-Min Jin ; Sang-Hee Lee ; Su-Hyoung Lee ; Joohn-Sheok Kim

Resonant Network Design and Verification of Induction Cooker for Heating Nonmagnetic Vessel

Eun-Su Jang ; Sang-Min Park ; Dong-Myoung Joo ; Byoung-Kuk Lee

A Reduced Component count Single-stage Electrolytic Capacitor-less Interleaved Totem-pole On-board Battery Charger

Byeong-Woo Kim ; Woo-Sik Cho ; Se-Wan Choi

LLC Resonant Converter Operating over a Wide Output Voltage Range by Varying the Input Voltage and Changing Operating Modes

Ji-Cheol Lee ; Jong-Seong Joo ; Ye-Chang Heo ; Takongmo Marius ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Yong-Seog Jeon ; Yoon-Sang Kook

A Study of Design Single Phase Boost Converter Controller for Compensated Load Current and Duty

Jae-Uk Lim ; Seung-Tae Lee ; Seung-Woo Baek ; Hag-Wone Kim ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho ; Jaeho Choi

A Study on 3-level Interleaved Charger-Discharger for Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Tae-Geun Koo ; In-Hwan Lee ; Young-Hoon Cho