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Optimal Gain Design Method of the 3 Phase Boost Converter

Hae-Chan Park ; Il-Song Kim

Parallel Control Algorithm of Thyristor Dual Converter Power System for DC Power Substation of Railway

Young-Woo Kim ; Dong-Ok Moon ; Chang-Hee Lee

Space Vector Modulation based on Model Predictive Control to Reduce Current Ripples with Subdivided Space Voltage Vectors

Hyun-Cheol Moon ; June-Seok Lee ; June-Hee Lee ; Kyo-Beum Lee

LED PSU using an Integrated Transformer of New Shape

Jong-Seong Joo ; Young-Soo Lee ; Ye-Chang Heo ; Eun-Soo Kim ; In-Gab Hwang

Hybrid Three-Level DC/DC Converter using an Energy Recovery Snubber

Ye-Chang Heo ; Jong-Seong Joo ; Elysee-Malon Harerimana ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Cheol-Ha Kang ; Seung-Min Lee

Improved Efficiency Methodology of 100kW-Energy Storage System with Wide-Voltage Range for DC Distribution

Byeng-Joo Byen ; Byong-Hwan Jeong ; Jea-Han Kim ; Gyu-Ha Choe

Sensorless Control of a Surface Mounted PM Synchronous Motor in Over Modulation Regions by Detecting Phase Voltages

Hae-Jun Choi ; Han-Sol Lee ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho ; Hag-Wone Kim

A PI-PD Controller Design for the Position Control of a Motor

Ju-Hyeong Jang ; Sang-Hoon Kim

A Novel Random PWM Technique with a Constant Switching Frequency Utilizing an Offset Voltage

Do-Kyeom Kim ; Sang-Hoon Kim

Design and Implementation of 1.8kW bi-directional LDC with Parallel Control Strategy for Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hyun-Bin Kim ; Jea-Woong Jeong ; Sungwoo Bae ; Jong-Soo Kim