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A Study on the SHE PWM Inverter Using the Linearized Characteristics of Switching Angle for Carrier Wave

김권호(Kim, Kwon-Ho) ; 윤관철(Yoong, Kwan-Cheol) ; 송중호(Song, Joong-Ho) ; 김광배(Kim, Kwang-Bae) ; 류경(Lyou, Kyoung) ; 박귀태(Park, Gwi-Tae)

New Selective Tungsten Deposition Process by the alternating Cyclic Hydrogen Reduction of WF_6 using LPCVD

신동렬 ; Arnold Reisman(Arnold Reisman) ; Christopher Berry(Christopher Berry) ; 성영권

Logic-Level Design of the Application Specific IC for the Processing of Binary Images in the Hierarchical Representation

김종완 ; 최희창 ; 최정훈 ; 김승기 ; 이기한 ; 김경식 ; 황희영