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A Study on the Economic Analysis of Introducing Battery-Based Eco Bus: Case Study of Daegu City, South Korea

박재석(Jae Seok Bak) ; 김성열(Sung-Yul Kim) ; 김동민(Dong-Min Kim)

Improvement of the Conductor Temperature Calculation Algorithm for Calculating the Allowable Current in the Underground Channel

이향범(Hyang-Beom Lee) ; 이병철(Byung-Chul Lee) ; 김정훈(Jung-Hoon Kim) ; 남용현(Yong-Hyun Nam) ; 강지원(Ji-Won Kang)

A Study on the Cost Function Based on Operating Modes for Combined Cycle Power Plant

이재희(Jaehee Lee) ; 윤혁준(Hyeok-Jun Yoon) ; 오창진(Chang-Jin Oh) ; 노유림(Yu-Rim Noh) ; 주성관(Sung-Kwan Joo) ; 유상민(Sangmin Ryu) ; 위영민(Young-Min Wi)

A Method for Offline Inter-Turn Fault Diagnosis of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor through the Co-Analysis

조수영(Sooyoung Cho) ; 오예준(Ye Jun Oh) ; 이강석(GangSeok Lee) ; 배재남(Jae-Nam Bae) ; 이주(Ju Lee)

Improvement of Modulation Index in 3-phase Inverters using Shunt Resistors

김정대(Jung-Dae Kim) ; 최종우(Jong-Woo Choi)

New High-efficiency Power Amplifier System for High-directional Piezoelectric Transducer

김진영(Jin-Young Kim) ; 김인동(In-Dong Kim) ; 문원규(Wonkyu Moon)

Interpolation Error Compensation Method for PMSM Torque Control

이정효(Jung-Hyo Lee)

Analysis of No-load Characteristics in LLC Resonant Converter

권민준(Min-Jun Kwon) ; 이우철(Woo-Cheol Lee)

Fabrication and Transfer of Laser Induced Graphene (LIG) Electrode for Flexible Substrate-based Electrochemical Sensor Applicatins

김정대(Jeong Dae Kim) ; 김태헌(Taeheon Kim) ; 박정호(Jungho Pak)