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Design of Integrated Database Program for Optimal Operation of Distribution Automation System

최윤혁(Yun-Hyuk Choi) ; 장문종(Moon-Jong Jang)

A Study on Future System Construction Using WSCR Strengthness Index based on Python

박성준(Seong-Jun Park) ; 허진(Jin Hur) ; 김현진(Hyun-Jin Kim) ; 조윤성(Yoon-Sung Cho)

A Study on the Optimal Setting Method of Directional Overcurrent Relay Considering Fault Ride Through of Distributed Generation

송진솔(Jin-Sol Song) ; 조규정(Gyu-Jung Cho) ; 김지수(Ji-Soo Kim) ; 신재윤(Jea-Yun Shin) ; 김동현(Dong-Hyun Kim) ; 김철환(Chul-Hwan Kim)

A Study on the Estimation of Optimal ESS Capacity Considering REC Weighting Scheme

이성우(Sungwoo Lee) ; 김형태(Hyoungtae Kim) ; 신한솔(Hansol Shin) ; 김태현(Tae Hyun Kim) ; 김욱(Wook Kim)

Sensitivity Analysis of Temperature on Special Day Electricity Demand in Jeju Island

조세원(Se-Won Jo) ; 박래준(Rae-Jun Park) ; 김경환(Kyeong-Hwan Kim) ; 권보성(Bo-Sung Kwon) ; 송경빈(Kyung-Bin Song) ; 박정도(Jeong-Do Park) ; 박해수(Hae-Su Park)

A Study on an Evaluation Modeling of Power System Performance for Frequency Regulation ESS Based on the PSCAD/EMTDC

최성식(Sung-Sik Choi) ; 강민관(Min-Kwan Kang) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 남양현(Yang-Hyun Nam) ; 박지현(Ji-Hyun Park) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

A Study on the Large-scale Adoption Method of Distribution System Interconnected with PV System by Energy Storage System

남양현(Yang-Hyun Nam) ; 최성식(Sung-Sik Choi) ; 강민관(Min-Kwan Kang) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 박지현(Ji-Hyun Park) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

The Design and Characteristics Comparison of 600W Class Consequent Pole Type IPMSM

김규화(Gyu-Hwa Gim) ; 박병준(Byung-Jun Park) ; 김용태(Yongn-Tae Kim) ; 김규탁(Gyu-Tak KimJang)

Control Strategies of Both the Heater Temperature and the Inverter Output Voltage of a Single-Phase PWM Inverter Systems for Heat Treatment

양시경(Si-Gyeong Yang) ; 전태원(Tae-Won Chun)