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Improvement of the Load Forecasting Accuracy by Reflecting the Operation Rates of Industries on the Consecutive Holidays

임남식(Lim, Nam-Sik) ; 이상중(Lee, Sang-Joong)

A Study on the Overcurrent Relay Modeling and Protective Coordination for Overload in Domestic AC Electrical Railway System

김현동(Kim, Hyun-Dong) ; 조규정(Cho, Gyu-Jung) ; 허승훈(Huh, Seung-Hoon) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan)

Demand Response of Large-Scale General and Industrial Customer using In-House Pricing Model

김민정(Kim, Min-Jeong)

A Mechanism of IPP's(Coal Fired) Optimal Power Generation According to Introduction of RPS(Renewable Portfolio Standard)

하선우(Ha, Sun-Woo) ; 이상중(Lee, Sang-Joong)

24-Hour Load Forecasting For Anomalous Weather Days Using Hourly Temperature

강동호(Kang, Dong-Ho) ; 박정도(Park, Jeong-Do) ; 송경빈(Song, Kyung-Bin)

Analysis of Electricity Cost Saving Effect by the Optimal load shifting Operation with 1MWh Redox Flow Battery

백자현(Baek, Ja-Hyun) ; 고은영(Ko, Eun-Young) ; 강태혁(Kang, Tae-Hyuk) ; 이한상(Lee, Han-Sang) ; 조수환(Cho, Soo-Hwan)

Operating Method of BESS for Providing AGC Frequency Control Service Considering Its Availability Maximization

최우영(Choi, Woo Yeong) ; 유가람(Yu, Ga Ram) ; 국경수(Kook, Kyung Soo)

Integrated Control Strategy of Multiple BESS for providing Primary Frequency Control

유가람(Yu, Ga Ram) ; 최우영(Choi, Woo Yeong) ; 국경수(Kook, Kyung Soo)

NeW Output Voltage Control Scheme Based on SoC Variation of BESS Applicable for Stand-alone DC Microgrid

유승영(Yu, Seung-Yeong) ; 김현준(Kim, Hyun-Jun) ; 한병문(Han, Byung-Moon)

Techniques to Diagnose Short-Circuit Faults in the Switching Mode Power Supply for Display

이재원(Lee, Jae-Won) ; 전태원(Chun, Tae-Won)