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Characteristics of Transient Grounding Impedance under Surge Currents

이덕희(Lee, Deok-Hui) ; 박종순(Park, Jong-Sun)

Characteristic Change of Electrodeless Sulfur Lamp Induced by Adding of Nal

구선근(Goo, Sun-Geun) ; 박기준(Park, Gi-Jun) ; 추장희(Chu, Jang-Hee)

A Study on the Development of High Efficieny CO_2 Laser : Output Characteristics of Pulsed CO_2 Laser Using SMPS Method

정현주(Chung, Hyun-Ju) ; 이동훈(Lee, Dong-Hoon) ; 남경훈(Nam, Gyung-Hoon) ; 김도완(Kim, Do-Wan) ; 정영환(Chung, Young-Hwan) ; 이유수(Lee, Yu-Soo) ; 김희제(Kim, Hee-Je) ; 조정수(Cho, Jung-Soo)

The Assessment on the Insulation Condition of Generator Stator Windings by a Novel Parameter PDI(Partial Discharge Index)

황돈하(Hwang, Don-Ha) ; 박도영(Park, Do-Yeong) ; 김용주(Kim, Yong-Ju) ; 김진봉(Kim, Jin-Bong) ; 주영호(Ju, Yeong-Ho)

Development of Shorted-Turn Diagnosis system for Generator Rotor Winding

이영준(Lee, Yeong-Jun) ; 김희동(Kim, Hui-Dong) ; 주영호(Ju, Yeong-Ho)

A Study on the Fabrication and Characterization of Micromirrors Supported by S-shape Girders

김종국(Kim, Jong-Guk) ; 김호성(Kim, Ho-Seong) ; 신형재(Sin, Hyeong-Jae)