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Short-term Electric Load Forecasting for Summer Season using Temperature Data

구본길(Koo, Bon-gil) ; 김형수(Kim, Hyoung-su) ; 이흥석(Lee, Heung-seok) ; 박준호(Park, Juneho)

Reactive Power Traceable System based Vulnerable Areas Detection for Reactive Power

최윤혁(Choi, YunHyuk) ; 배문성(Bae, MoonSung) ; 이병준(Lee, Byongjun)

Thermal Characteristics Analysis by Ambient and Operating Temperature according to the Kinds of Terminations in Underground Power Cable Systems

정채균(Jung, Chae-Kyun) ; 강지원(Kang, Ji-Won) ; 이방욱(Lee, Bang-Wook)

Application Management System with ZeroMQ and Alarms in Distribution Management System

김필석(Kim, Pil-Seok) ; 강호영(Kang, Ho-Young) ; 임일형(Lim, Il-Hyung) ; 박종호(Park, Jong-Ho) ; 신용학(Shin, Yong-Hak)

Voltage and Frequency Control Method Using Battery Energy Storage System for a Stand-alone Microgrid

김상혁(Kim, Sang-Hyuk) ; 정일엽(Chung, Il-Yop) ; 이학주(Lee, Hak-Joo) ; 채우규(Chae, Woo-Kyu)

Automated Inductance Measurement of a Switched Reluctance Motor Using Voltage Integration Method

노정민(Noh, Jeongmin) ; 김재혁(Kim, Jaehyuck)

Phase Current Reconstruction Method of 2-Phase Induction Motor using Leg-Shunt Resistors

김동기(Kim, Dong-Ki) ; 윤덕용(Yoon, Duck-Yong)

A Study of Circulating Current in MMC based HVDC System under an Unbalanced Grid Condition

도원석(Do, Won-Seok) ; 김시환(Kim, Si-Hwan) ; 김태진(Kim, Tae-Jin) ; 김래영(Kim, Rae-Young)

Analysis for the Inrush Current and Voltage Drop of Induction Generator by the Reactor Tap Change

김종겸(Kim, Jong-Gyeum)

Development of 4Hz Medical Ruby Laser System with Double Cavities using Multi-Resonant Converter

이재철(Lee, Jae-cheol) ; 정도(Zheng, Tao) ; 박성욱(Shengxu, Piao) ; 허국성(Xu, Guo-Cheng) ; 김희제(Kim, Hee-Je)