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Interaction and Transient Analysis to FACTS Devices in Seoul Area

윤종수(Yoon, Jong-Su) ; 김재한(Kim, Jae-Han) ; 이성두(Lee, Seong-Doo) ; 최장흠(Choi, Jang-Hum) ; 서보혁(Seo, Bo-Hyeok)

Development of algorism to optimal operation of Power Generation considering Regional Regulation of CO2 Emission

김용하(Kim, Yong-Ha) ; 김영길(Kim, Young-Gil) ; 이평호(Lee, Pyong-Ho) ; 조현미(Jo, Hyun-Mi) ; 우성민(Woo, Sung-Min)

A Study on the Reliability Estimation of Loop Distribution System Considering Directional Relay

박진현(Park, Jin-Hyun) ; 조성민(Cho, Sung-Min) ; 조보현(Cho, Bo-Hyeon) ; 신희상(Sin, Hee-Sang) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul)

Transient Analysis and Evaluation of 345kV Combined Transmission Line Connected with GIL

장화윤(Jang, Hwa-Youn) ; 이종범(Lee, Jong-Beom) ; 김용갑(Kim, Yong-Kap) ; 정채균(Jung, Chae-Kyun)

Relationship Analysis of Power Consumption Pattern and Environmental Factor for a Consumer's Short-term Demand Forecast

고종민(Ko, Jong-Min) ; 송재주(Song, Jae-Ju) ; 김영일(Kim, Young-Il) ; 양일권(Yang, Il-Kwon)

A Development of Demand Response Operation System and Real-Time Pricing based on Smart Grid

고종민(Ko, Jong-Min) ; 송재주(Song, Jae-Ju) ; 김영일(Kim, Young-Il) ; 정남준(Jung, Nam-Jun) ; 김상규(Kim, Sang-Keu)

Continuation Time Integration (CTI)-Based Time Domain Simulation Analysis for Wind Farms

조성구(Cho, Sung-Koo) ; 송화창(Song, Hwa-Chang) ; 이장호(Lee, Jang-Ho)