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Investigation Between Gas in Oil Analysis and the Source of Trouble in Transformer

권동진(Kweon Dong-Jin) ; 곽주식(Kwak Joo-Sik) ; 은종영(Eun Jong-Young) ; 민병문(Min Byeong-Moon) ; 유동균(Yu Dong-Gyon)

A Delay Estimation Method using Reduced Model of RLC Interconnects

정문성(Jung Mun-Sung) ; 김기영(Kim Ki-Young) ; 김석윤(Kim Seok-Yoon)

The Positive Bubble Effect and the Breakdown Characteristics in SF_6 and LN_2

이광식(Lee Kwang-Sik) ; 최은혁(Choi Eun-Hyuck) ; 박광서(Park Kwang-Seo) ; 김종환(Kim Jong-Whan) ; 임창호(Lim Chang-Ho)

ZnO Arrester Diagnosis by Measurement of Temperature

길경석(Kim Gyung-Suk) ; 한주섭(Han Ju-Seop) ; 송재용(Song Jae-Yong) ; 서황동(Seo Hwang-Dong) ; 문승보(Moon Seung-Bo) ; 박태곤(Park Tae-Gone)

Characteristics of Potential Gradient for the Type of Structure Grounding Electrode

길형준(Gil Hyung-Jun) ; 최충석(Choi Chun-Seog) ; 김향곤(Kim Hyang-Kon) ; 이복희(Lee Bok-Hee)

Miniature Biochip Fluorescence Detection System with Spatial Separation of Fluorescence from Excitation Light

김호성(Kim Ho-seong) ; 김용권(Choi Jea-ho) ; 박주한(Park Ju-han) ; 이국녕(Lee Kook-nyung) ; 최재호(Kim Yong-Kweon)

Background Coefficients in Resonance Scattering Theory for Spherical Dielectric Objects

정용화(Jung Younghwa) ; 전상봉(Jeon Sangbong) ; 안창회(Ahn Chang-Hoi)