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A Study on the Improved Efficiency of Distribution Network Reliability Using DAS

황우현(Hwang, Woo-Hyun) ; 배성환(Bae, Sung-Hwan) ; 김자희(Kim, Ja-Hee) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul)

The Effects of Harmonic Current in the Operating Characteristics of High Temperature Superconducting Cable

이근준(Lee, Geun-Joon) ; 이종배(Lee, Jong-Bae) ; 황시돌(Hwang, Si-Dole) ; 손송호(Sohn, Song-Ho)

Implementation of Frequency Relaying Algorithm based on Multi-Agent System using EMTP-MODELS

이병현(Lee, Byung-Hyun) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan) ; 여상민(Yeo, Sang-Min)

Characteristics of Transformer-Type SFCL according to the Connecting Methods of Secondary Coils

조용선(Cho, Yong-Sun) ; 박형민(Park, Hyoung-Min) ; 정수복(Chung, Soo-Bok) ; 최효상(Choi, Hyo-Sang)

Intelligent Diagnosis System for DGA Using Fuzzy Pattern Classification and Neural Network

조성민(Cho, Sung-Min) ; 권동진(Kweon, Dong-Jin) ; 남창현(Nam, Chang-Hyun) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul)

Verification of Underground Distribution Line Modeling with Field Test

윤창섭(Yun, Chang-Sub) ; 이재봉(Lee, Jae-Bong) ; 김병숙(Kim, Byong-Suk) ; 이종범(Lee, Jong-Beom)

A Study on Modeling Methods for Cable Covering Protective Unit on Underground Power Cable Systems

최경규(Choi, Kyung-Kyu) ; 장태인(Jang, Tae-In) ; 윤형희(Yoon, Hyung-Hee) ; 정채균(Jung, Chae-Kyun)

Optimal Design of Permanent Magnet Wind Generator for Maximum Annual Energy Production

정호창(Jung, Ho-Chang) ; 정상용(Jung, Sang-Yong) ; 한성진(Hahn, Sung-Chin) ; 이철균(Lee, Cheol-Gyun)

D-Q Flux Linkage Identification for Interior Buried Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor considering Cross-Magnetization

김민석(Kim, Min-Seok) ; 곽상엽(Kwak, Sang-Yeop) ; 정현교(Jung, Hyun-Kyo) ; 정상용(Jung, Sang-Yong)