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Triangle △ABC and Length of Fermat tree

김주철(Ju-Chul Kim) ; 이상중(Sang-Joong Lee)

A Study on the Installation of Automatic Switches Considering the Characteristics of Distribution Feeder and Importance of Customer

최미곤(Mi-Gon Choi) ; 윤상윤(Sang-Yun Yun) ; 최준호(Joon-Ho Choi) ; 안선주(Seon-Ju Ahn)

A Study on PI Observer Design for Line Fault Detection of a Single Machine Infinite Bus System

장수영(Su Young Jang) ; 김준우(Jun Woo Kim) ; 손영익(Young Ik Son) ; 남순열(Soon Ryul Nam) ; 강상희(Sang Hee Kang)

A Failure Diagnosis Method of Oil-Filled Transformer Using Expert System Based on Duval Triangle Method and IEC 60599

이형진(Hyeong-Jin Lee) ; 윤광훈(Kwang-Hoon Yoon) ; 권동진(Dong-Jin Kweon) ; 김재철(Jae-Chul Kim)

Performance Improvement of a Hydraulic Turbine Generation System Using Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control

조대현(Dae-Hyun Cho) ; 박영수(Yeongsu Bak) ; 이교범(Kyo-Beum Lee)

Performance Analysis on a Bidirectional Operation of a Three-Level Hybrid ANPC Inverter

권봉현(Bong Hyun Kwon) ; 김상훈(Sang-Hun Kim) ; 배규철(Kyu-Chul Bae) ; 이교범(Kyo-Beum Lee)

Long Short Term Memory-Based State-of-Health Prediction Algorithm of a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric Vehicle

권상욱(Sanguk Kwon) ; 한동호(Dongho Han) ; 박성윤(Seongyun Park) ; 김종훈(Jonghoon Kim)

Estimation of Dielectric Strength in High Voltage Motors for Circulating Water Pump

이진(Jin Lee) ; 김형철(Hyungchul Kim) ; 신승권(Seung-kwon Shin) ; 김희동(Hee-Dong Kim)

Visible Light Communication System with LEDs using Digital Dimming Scheme

김혜수(Hea-Su Kim) ; 염정덕(Jeongduk Ryeom)