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A Study on Forecasting Method for a Short-Term Demand Forecasting of Customer's Electric Demand

고종민(Ko, Jong-Min) ; 양일권(Yang, Il-Kwon) ; 송재주(Song, Jae-Ju)

Multi-Agent System and its Applications to the Distribution Automation System

임일형(Lim, Il-Hyung) ; 최면송(Choi, Myeon-Song) ; 임성일(Lim, Seong-Il)

Data Mining Technique Using the Coefficient of Determination in Holiday Load Forecasting

위영민(Wi, Young-Min) ; 송경빈(Song, Kyung-Bin) ; 주성관(Joo, Sung-Kwan)

Block Coordinate Descent (BCD)-based Decentralized Method for Joint Dispatch of Regional Electricity Markets

문국현(Moon, Guk-Hyun) ; 주성관(Joo, Sung-Kwan) ; Huang, Anni(Huang, Anni)

A Study for CBL(Customer Baseline Load) utilization in Day Ahead Demand Response operation

고종민(Ko, Jong-Min) ; 양일권(Yang, Il-Kwon) ; 송재주(Song, Jae-Ju) ; 진성일(Jin, Sung-Il)

Analysis and Design of the Single-phase Line Start Permanent Magnet Motor Considering Overhang Effect

강한별(Kang, Han-Byul) ; 김병택(Kim, Byung-Taek) ; 백수황(Baek, Soo-Whang) ; 김홍석(Kim, Hong-Seok) ; 권병일(Kwon, Byung-Il)

Optimum Design of a Shield Plate to minimize Extremely-Law-Frequency Magnetic Fields produced by Bus Bars

정기우(Jeung, Gi-Woo) ; 최낙선(Choi, Nak-Sun) ; 김동훈(Kim, Dong-Hun) ; 장낙원(Jang, Nak-Won) ; 이동영(Lee, Dong-Young)