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Dry Etching Characteristics of GaN using a Magnetized Inductively Coupled CH_4/H_2/Ar Plassma

김문영(Kim, Mun-Yeong) ; 심종경(Sim, Jong-Gyeong) ; 태흥식(Tae, Heung-Sik) ; 이호준(Lee, Ho-Jun) ; 이용현(Lee, Yong-Hyeon) ; 이정희(Lee, Jeong-Hui) ; 백영식(Baek, Yeong-Sik)

The Study on Characterization of Current-limiting with Diffusion Thickness of High-Tc Superconductor Thick Film

임성훈(Im, Seong-Hun) ; 강형곤(Gang, Hyeong-Gon) ; 한태희(Han, Tae-Hui) ; 모창호(Mo, Chang-Ho) ; 임석진(Im, Seok-Jin) ; 한병성(Han, Byeong-Seong)

Design and Characterization for High-Tc Superconducting Microstrip Patch Antenna

정동철(Jeong, Dong-Cheol) ; 최명호(Choe, Myeong-Ho) ; 강형곤(Gang, Hyeong-Gon) ; 임성훈(Im, Seong-Hun) ; 한병성(Han, Byeong-Seong)

The Effect of Space Charge on the PD Pattern and Dielectric Barrier Discharge under AC

권윤혁(Gwon, Yun-Hyeok) ; 황보승(Hwang, Bo-Seung) ; 이동영(Lee, Dong-Yeong) ; 한민구(Han, Min-Gu)

Ferroelectric Properties of PZT thin Films by Rapid Thermal Annealing

정규원(Jeong, Kyu-Won) ; 박영(Park, Young) ; 주필연(Ju, Pil-Yeon) ; 조익현(Cho, Ik-Hyun) ; 임동건(Lim, Dong-Gun) ; 이준신(Yi, Jun-Sin) ; 송준태(Song, Joon-Tae)

Properties of Friction Welding of Dissimilar Metals WCu-Cu Weld for Electrical Contact Device

안용호(An, Yong-Ho) ; 윤기갑(Yun, Gi-Gap) ; 민택기(Min, Taek-Gi) ; 한병성(Han, Byeong-Seong)

Temperature Dependent Breakdown Voltage and On-resistance of Si Power MOSFETs

박일용(Park, Il-Yong) ; 최연익(Choe, Yeon-Ik) ; 정상구(Jeong, Sang-Gu)

The Two Dimensional Analysis of RF Passive Device using Stochastic Finite Element Method

김준연(Kim, Jun-Yeon) ; 정철용(Jeong, Cheol-Yong) ; 이선영(Lee, Seon-Yeong) ; 천창렬(Cheon, Chang-Ryeol)