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A Study on Estimation of FACTS Dynamic Model Parameters Using PMU Data

고백경(Baekkyeong Ko) ; 남수철(Suchul Nam) ; 구본길(Bongil Koo) ; 강성범(Sungbum Kang)

A Study on Wind Power Forecasting Using LSTM Method

이흥석(Heungseok Lee) ; 김규한(Kyuhan Kim) ; 정희명(Heemyung Jeong) ; 이화석(Hwaseok Lee) ; 김형수(Hyungsu Kim) ; 박준호(June Ho Park)

Distribution System Voltage Control based on Forecast using Machine Learning to Increase the Hosting Capacity of Renewables

원규현(Gyu-hyun Won) ; 정일엽(Il-Yop Chung) ; 강현구(Hyun-Koo Kang)

A Study on Pilot Project Data Analysis and Economic Assessment of Smart Appliance Demand Respond Project for 1GW Peak Reduction in Korea

서인용(In-Yong Seo) ; 이창희(Chang-Hee Lee) ; 이태일(Tae-il Lee) ; 손성용(Sung-Yong Son)

A Study on the Estimation of Marginal Cost of the Renewable Energy Certificate

곽규형(Kyu-Hyeong Kwag) ; 김태현(Tae-Hyun Kim) ; 신한솔(Han-Sol Shin) ; 김수영(David Kim) ; 김욱(Wook Kim)

Study of Dynamic Model of Induction Motor with Inter-turn Short Fault

임성환(Seong-Hwan Im) ; 구본관(Bon-Gwan Gu)

A MTPA Control of PMSMs Using an Adaptive algorithm

박승찬(Seung-Chan Park) ; 김상훈(Sang-hoon Kim)

The Test Evaluation and Analysis of Input-Voltage Variation of DC/AC Inverter in Auxiliary Power Supply of Electric Propulsion Ship

송왕근(Wang-Keun Song) ; 최용훈(Yong-Hoon Choi)