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Analysis of Flashover Rate by Lightning in Korea Distribution Line using CRIEPI Method

최선규(Choi, Sun-Kyu) ; 서훈철(Seo, Hun-Chul) ; 한준(Han, Jun) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan) ; 이병성(Lee, Byung-Sung)

HVDC System Design for AC Network Reactive Power Control

최순호(Choi, Soon-Ho) ; 최장흠(Choi, Jang-Hum) ; 김찬기(Kim, Chan-Ki)

Optimal Capacity Determination Method of Battery Energy Storage System for Demand Management of Electricity Customer

조경희(Cho, Kyeong-Hee) ; 김슬기(Kim, Seul-Ki) ; 김응상(Kim, Eung-Sang)

A Study on the Customer Voltage Characteristic of Distribution System with Large Scale PV

김병기(Kim, Byung-Ki) ; 유경상(Ryu, Kyung-Sang) ; 김찬혁(Kim, Chan-Hyeok) ; 노대석(Rho, Dae-Seok)

Design of Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine for ISG and Performance Comparison with Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine

이동수(Lee, Dongsu) ; 정윤호(Jeong, Yun-Ho) ; 정상용(Jung, Sang-Yong)

Multi-Objective Optimization of Electromagnetic Device Based on Design Sensitivity Analysis and Reliability Analysis

렌지얀(Ren, Ziyan) ; 장전해(Zhang, Dianhai) ; 박찬혁(Park, Chanhyuk) ; 고창섭(Koh, Chang Seop)

Commutation Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of DC Motor using Circuit Parameters

김영선(Kim, Young Sun)

A Hybrid PCS Considering on a Residential Energy Storage System

정두용(Jung, Doo-Yong) ; 김지환(Kim, Ji-Hwan) ; 최성촌(Choi, Seong-Chon) ; 이수원(Lee, Su-Won) ; 한희민(Han, Hee-Min) ; 원충연(Won, Chung-Yuen)

A Study on the Length of Electrical Separation Joint in AF Track Circuit

이명철(Lee, Myung-Chul) ; 박재영(Park, Jae-Young)