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Analysis of Small Signal Stability Using Resonance Conditions

조성진(Cho, Sung-Jin) ; 장길수(Jang, Gil-Soo) ; 윤태웅(Yoon, Tae-Woong)

The Development of Optimal Power Flow Algorithm Considering Environmental Constants

김용하(Kim, Yong-Ha) ; 이범(Lee, Buhm) ; 최상규(Choi, Sang-Kyu) ; 문혁기(Moon, Hyuc-Ki) ; 정현성(Jung, Hyun-Sung)

A Study on the Optimal Routing Technique for the Improvement of Voltage Stability in Radial Power System

김병섭(Kim, Byung-Seop) ; 신중린(Shin, Joong-Rin) ; 박종배(Park, Jong-Bae)

Eigenvalue Perturbation for Controller Parameter and Small Signal Stability Analysis of Large Scale Power Systems

심관식(Shim, Kwan-Shik) ; 송성근(Song, Sung-Gun) ; 문채주(Moon, Chae-Ju) ; 이기영(Lee, Ki-Young) ; 남해곤(Nam, Hae-Kon)

Analysis of Electric Fields Distribution Inside Optimal Model GIS with a Metal Impurity or a Void

민석원(Min, Seok-Won) ; 송기현(Song, Gi-Hyeon) ; 김응식(Kim, Eung-Sik)