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Lightning Overvoltage Analysis of Wind Turbine for Lightning Protection according to Grounding Method of Specification KEC

표광진(Kuang-Jin Pyo) ; 이택기(Taeck-Kie Lee) ; 김규호(Kyu-Ho Kim) ; 김진형(Jin-Hyung Kim) ; 우정욱(Jung-Wook Woo)

Short-Term Power Load Forecasting of a Large Vessel using Deep Stacking Network Architecture

홍창우(Chang Woo Hong) ; 고민승(Min-Seung Ko) ; 김홍렬(Hong-Ryeol Kim) ; 김소연(Soyeon Kim) ; 허견(Kyeon Hur)

Analysis on Competitive Electricity Market with Emissions Trading Market

이광호(Kwang-Ho Lee)

A Case Study in Korea Electricity Market Considering North American Frequency Regulation Market Rules

박대현(Dael-Hyun Park) ; 노재형(Jae-Hyung Roh) ; 박종배(Jong-Bae Park) ; 박용기(Yong-Gi Park)

A Study on the Operation Algorithm of ESS Load Test Device for Emergency Generator Systems

최승규(Seung-Kyou Choi) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 태동현(Dong-Hyun Tae) ; 이재영(Jai-Young Lee) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

A Study on the Control for Increasing Output Power Section of Gyro Generation System

김성안(Sung-An Kim)

Analysis on AC Electrical Breakdown Characteristics of Insulation Barrier for Improvement of ESS

김진태(Jin-Tae Kim) ; 이승용(Seung-Yong Lee) ; 김수열(Su-Yeol Kim) ; 석복렬(Bok-Yeol Seok)

Development of Resistive Humidity Sensor Based on 3D ZnO NRs: MoS2 for Real Time Monitoring of Transformer Insulation Oil

이용범(Yongbeom Lee) ; 이기근(Keekeun Lee)