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Dynamic Reserve Estimating Method with Consideration of Uncertainties in Supply and Demand

권경빈(Kwon, Kyung-Bin) ; 박현곤(Park, Hyeon-Gon) ; 류재근(Lyu, Jae-Kun) ; 김유창(Kim, Yu-Chang) ; 박종근(Park, Jong-Keun)

Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Units Considering Voltage Sags

송영원(Song, Young-Won) ; 이계병(Lee, Kyebyung) ; 박창현(Park, Chang-Hyun)

Optimal Allocation of Shunt Capacitor-Reactor Bank in Distribution System with Dispersed Generators Considering Installation and Maintenance Cost

허재행(Heo, Jae-Haeng) ; 류재근(Lyu, Jae-Kun) ; 이우리(Lee, Woo-Ri) ; 박종영(Park, Jong-Young) ; 박종근(Park, Jong-Keun)

Study on Cost of Energy(COE) Reduction Scenario of Korean Offshore Wind Power

성진기(Sung, Jin Ki) ; 이종훈(Lee, Jong Hoon) ; 강금석(Kang, Kung Suk) ; 이태진(Lee, Tae Jin)

Optimal Design of Stator Shape for Cogging Torque Reduction of Single-phase BLDC Motor

박용운(Park, Young-Un) ; 소지영(So, Ji-Young) ; 정동화(Chung, Dong-Hwa) ; 유용민(Yoo, Yong-Min) ; 조주희(Cho, Ju-Hee) ; 안강순(Ahn, Kang-Soon) ; 김대경(Kim, Dae-Kyong)

The Design of Radial Magnetic Force Equilibrium for Reduction of Vibration and Noise in IPM Type BLDC Motor

정태석(Jeong, Tae-Seok) ; 조규원(Cho, Gyu-Won) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

A Study on Torque Ripple Reduction of the Multi-degree of Freedom Operated Spherical Motor

강동우(Kang, Dong-Woo) ; 이주(Lee, Ju)

Analysis and Efficiency Control of Linear Compressor System for Refrigerator Driven by PWM Inverter

손장경(Son, Jang-Kyung) ; 전태원(Chun, Tae-Won)

Single-stage Dimmable PFC DCM Flyback Converter without Electrolytic Capacitor

진달래(Jin, Dal-Rae) ; 김춘택(Kim, Choon-Taek) ; 채민철(Chae, Min-Cheol) ; 나재두(La, Jae-Du) ; 김영석(Kim, Young-Seok)

Grid Current Control Scheme at Thee-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter Under Unbalanced and Distorted Grid Voltage Conditions

Tran, Thanh-Vu(Tran, Thanh-Vu) ; 전태원(Chun, Tae-Won)