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Error Correction Algorithm based Radial Basis Function Network for Daily Peak Electric Load Forecasting

정희명(Hee-Myung Jeong) ; 김규한(Kyu-Han Kim) ; 박준호(June Ho Park)

Capacity Credit Evaluation of Tamla Offshore Wind Farm by Using of Probability Simulation Method

정세민(Semin Jeong) ; 오웅진(Ungjin Oh) ; 이연찬(Yeonchan Lee) ; 최재석(Jaeseok Choi) ; 임진택(Jintaek Lim) ; 이기백(Kibaek Lee)

Analysis of Lightning Overvoltage According to Grounding Method and Corona Effect of Lightning Arrester in Wind farm

김진혁(Jin-Hyuk Kim) ; 김규호(Kyu-Ho Kim) ; 우정욱(Jung-Wook Woo)

Electrical Power System Design of APR1400 for NRC DC

하체웅(Che-Wung Ha)

A Study on the Diffusion Policy Design for Microgrid Considering the Introduction of Heat Pump and Fuel Cell

황성욱(Sung-Wook Hwang) ; 김정훈(Jung-Hoon Kim)

A Study on Operation Algorithm of Protection Device for Single Line Short Circuit of GVT in Ungrounded System

윤형익(Hyoung-Ik Yoon) ; 최성식(Sung-Sik Choi) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 남양현(Yang-Hyun Nam) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

A Study of Dynamic Characteristic Analysis for Hysteresis Motor Using Permeability and Load Angle by Inverse Preisach Model

김형섭(Hyeong-Seop Kim) ; 한지훈(Ji-Hoon Han) ; 최동진(Dong-Jin Choi) ; 홍선기(Sun-Ki Hong)

Torque Ripple Reduction in a Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Motor for Elevator Door Applications

황홍식(Hongsik Hwang) ; 조정현(Jeonghyun Cho) ; 이치우(Cheewoo Lee)

A Study on the Electromagnetic Noise Reduction of BLDC Motor for Fuel Pump of Vehicles

김동기(Dong-Ki Kim) ; 이승우(Seung-Woo Lee) ; 윤덕용(Duck-Yong Yoon)