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Estimation of Harmonic Sources in a Power System using Recursive Least-Squares Technique

한종훈(Han, Jong-Hoon) ; 이계병(Lee, Key-Byung) ; 박창현(Park, Chang-Hyun) ; 장길수(Jang, Gil-Soo)

A Study on the Reliability Index and Customer Density of Distribution System

배인수(Bae, In-Su) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

A Study on the Calculation of Reference Impedances in Domestic Low-Voltage Power System

강문호(Kang, Moon-Ho) ; 송양회(Song, Yang-Hoe) ; 이흥호(Lee, Heung-Ho)

Improvement of Detailed Fault Point Decision Using EMTP Analysis of Search Coil Method for HVDC Cables

정채균(Jung, Chae-Kyun) ; 박진우(Park, Jin-Woo) ; 양병모(Yang, Byeong-Mo) ; 강지원(Kang, Ji-Won) ; 이종범(Lee, Jong-Beom)

A Study on Flicker Management Standard for Distribution Power System in Korea based on IEC 61000-3-7

강문호(Kang, Moon-Ho) ; 이흥호(Lee, Heung-Ho)

A Study on the Integrated Model Design and Circulation of the Customer Information for Electricity Market Competition

고종민(Ko, Jong-Min) ; 박상후(Park, Sang-Hoo) ; 노재구(Noh, Jae-Koo) ; 김영일(Kim, Young-Il) ; 최승환(Choi, Seong-Hwan)

A Feasibility Study on DC Microgrids Considering Energy Efficiency

유철희(Yu, Cheol-Hee) ; 정일엽(Chung, Il-Yop) ; 홍성수(Hong, Sung-Soo) ; 채우규(Chae, Woo-Kyu) ; 김주용(Kim, Ju-Yong)

Improved E&S Vector Hysteresis Model for the Precise Modeling of Vector Magnetic Properties of Electrical Steel Sheet

송민호(Song, Min-Ho) ; 윤희성(Yoon, Hee-Sung) ; 고창섭(Koh, Chang-Seop)

Analysis of Deperming Performance According to Deperming Protocol Transform of Vessel Model

김종왕(Kim, Jong-Wang) ; 김지호(Kim, Ji-Ho) ; 박현수(Park, Hyun-Soo) ; 정현주(Jung, Hyun-Ju) ; 이향범(Lee, Hyang-Beom)

High Performance Speed Control of IPMSM Drive using Recurrent FNN Controller

고재섭(Ko, Jae-Sub) ; 정동화(Chung, Dong-Hwa)