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Characterization of Electrical Properties of Si Nanocrystals Embedded in a SiO_{2} Layer by Scanning Probe Microscopy

김정민(Kim, Jung-Min) ; 허현정(Her, Hyun-Jung) ; 강치중(Kang, Chi-Jung) ; 김용상(Kim, Yong-Sang)

Modulus Properties and Smoothness Measurement of Semiconducting Materials Using the DMA and SEM

양종석(Yang, Jong-Seok) ; 이경용(Lee, Kyoung-Yong) ; 최용성(Choi, Yong-Sung) ; 박대희(Park, Dae-Hee)

An Electrochemical Detector Using Prussian Blue Electrodeposited Indium Tin Oxide Electrode

이인제(Yi, In-Je) ; 김주호(Kim, Ju-Ho) ; 강치중(Kang, Chi-Jung) ; 김용상(Kim, Yong-Sang)

Development of an Automatic Evaluation System for the Precision Analysis of Potential Transformer Burden Characteristics

권성원(Kwon, Sung-Won) ; 김문석(Kim, Mun-Seog) ; 정재갑(Jung, Jae Kap) ; 이성하(Lee, Sung-Ha) ; 김명수(Kim, Yung Soo)

Particle Agglomeration of a Bipolar Charging System with a Control Grid

문재덕(Moon, Jae-Duk) ; 안창진(Ahn, Chang-Jin)