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Analysis of Effect on Lightning Surge according to the Grounding Condition of Overhead Ground Wire in Distribution System

한준(Han, Joon) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan) ; 서훈철(Seo, Hun-Chul) ; 최선규(Choi, Sun-Kyu) ; 이병성(Lee, Byung-Sung)

Effect of Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage Power Generator on the Frequency Control Against the Intermittence of Wind Turbine Output

박민수(Park, Min-Su) ; 전영환(Chun, Yeong-Han)

Implementation and Test of 3-level NPC VSC-HVDC System using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

유형준(Yoo, Hyeong-Jun) ; 김남대(Kim, Nam-Dae) ; 김학만(Kim, Hak-Man)

Optimum Design of Axially Laminated Anisotropic Synchronous Reluctance Motor and Comparison of Characteristics with Induction Motor

이필원(Lee, Pil-Won) ; 변원기(Byen, Won-Gee) ; 이준호(Lee, Jun-Ho) ; 이중호(Lee, Jung-Ho)

A Quasi Z-Source AC-AC Converter with a Low DC Voltage Distribution Capability Operating as a Power Electronic Transformer

류대현(Yoo, Dae-Hyun) ; 엄준현(Oum, Jun-Hyun) ; 정영국(Jung, Young-Gook) ; 임영철(Lim, Young-Cheol)

Effects of Freshwater Flooding on the Properties of the Accelerated Thermally Aged CSPE

강명균(Kang, Myeong-Gyun) ; 이정훈(Lee, Jung-Hoon) ; 이승훈(Lee, Seung-Hoon) ; 전준수(Jeon, Jun-Soo) ; 김인용(Kim, In-Yong) ; 신용덕(Shin, Yong-Deok)

The Performance Comparison of Frequency Translators Using RHTL and LHTL Phase Shifters

한희제(Han, Heejae) ; 박홍우(Park, Hongwoo) ; 김홍준(Kim, Hongjoon)

Realtime e-Actuator Fault Detection using Online Parameter Identification Method

박준기(Park, Jun-Gi) ; 김태호(Kim, Tae-Ho) ; 이흥식(Lee, Heung-Sik) ; 박찬식(Park, Chansik)

Wave Modeling for Low-cost Wave Monitoring System

이중현(Lee, Jung-Hyun) ; 이동욱(Lee, Dong-Wook) ; 허문범(Heo, Moon-Beom)