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Design of the Shimming Coils for MRI Magnet

배준한(Bae, Jun-Han) ; 고락길(Go, Rak-Gil) ; 진홍범(Jin, Hong-Beom) ; 심기덕(Sim, Gi-Deok) ; 권영길(Gwon, Yeong-Gil) ; 류강식(Ryu, Gang-Sik)

Simultaneous Control of DC-DC Converter by DSP Digital Controller

박효식(Park, Hyo-Sik) ; 김희준(Kim, Hui-Jun)

A Novel Control Method of Combined System consists of Series Active Power Filter and Parallel Passive Power Filter to Compensate Current Harmonics and Unbalanced Source Voltages

오재훈(O, Jae-Hun) ; 한윤석(Han, Yun-Seok) ; 김영석(Kim, Yeong-Seok) ; 원충연(Won, Chung-Yeon) ; 최세완(Choe, Se-Wan)

A High Voltage Poorer Supply for Electrostatic Precipitator with Superimposing Voltage Pulse on DC Source

김종수(Kim, Jong-Soo) ; 임근희(Rim, Geun-Hie) ; 이성진(Lee, Sung-Jin) ; 김승민(Kim, Seung-Min) ; 조창호(Cho, Chang-Ho)