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Boundary Element Analysis of Magnetic Shielding Effects of Shield Cup in Electron Gun

고창섭(Go, Chang-Seop) ; 정관식(Jeong, Gwan-Sik) ; 한송엽(Han, Song-Yeop)

A Study on the Development of BLDC Motor with High Power Density

김현철(Kim, Hyeon-Cheol) ; 공영경(Gong, Yeong-Gyeong) ; 최태인(Choe, Tae-In) ; 송종환(Song, Jong-Hwan)

Dynamic Behavior of Rotor in Switched Reluctance Motor Due to Unbalanced Mass

하경호(Ha, Gyeong-Ho) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jeong-Pyo) ; 김규택(Kim, Gyu-Taek) ; 장기찬(Jang, Gi-Chan)

Temperature Rise Prediction of Busbar of EHV GIS Considering Variation of Heat-Transfer Coefficient

김현훈(Kim, Hyeon-Hun) ; 한성진(Han, Seong-Jin) ; 주수원(Ju, Su-Won) ; 정진교(Jeong, Jin-Gyo) ; 이병윤(Lee, Byeong-Yun) ; 박경엽(Park, Gyeong-Yeop)

A Study on the Temperature Characteristics of Main Coolant Pump for System-integrated Modular Advanced Reactor

구대현(Gu, Dae-Hyeon) ; 방덕제(Bang, Deok-Je) ; 강도현(Gang, Do-Hyeon) ; 김종인(Kim, Jong-In) ; 조윤현(Jo, Yun-Hyeon)

Optimal Design of the Induction Heating Coil using Transient Design Sensitivity Analysis

곽인구(Kwak, In-Gu) ; 변진규(Byun, Jin-Kyu) ; 최경(Choi, Kyung) ; 한송엽(Hahn, Song-Yop)

Field-Oriented Speed Control of Induction Machine without Speed Sensor in Overall Speed Range

류형민(Ryu, Hyeong-Min) ; 하정익(Ha, Jeong-Ik) ; 설승기(Seol, Seung-Gi)

Air-conditioner Power Conversion Equipment with Power Factor Correction Circuit

문상필(Mun, Sang-Pil) ; 서기영(Seo, Gi-Yeong) ; 이현우(Lee, Hyeon-U) ; 김영문(Kim, Yeong-Mun)

Characteristics Analysis of ZVS-HB Type High Frequency Resonant Inverter According to the Variable Capacitance of the DC Voltage Source Separation Capacitor

문창수(Mun, Chang-Su) ; 김종해(Kim, Jong-Hae) ; 김동희(Kim, Dong-Hui) ; 오승훈(O, Seung-Hun) ; 심광열(Sim, Gwang-Yeol) ; 민병재(Min, Byeong-Jae)

A Study on Micro-step of 2-phase Hybrid Type Linear Stepping Motor

오홍석(Oh, Hong-Seok) ; 김동희(Kim, Dong-Hui) ; 이상호(Lee, Sang-Ho)