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A Study on Voltage Quality Assessment Based on an Area of Vulnerability

이명철(Myeong-Cheol Lee) ; 박창현(Chang-Hyun Park)

A Study on the Lightning Overvoltage Reduction Effect of Direct Lightning and Lightning-induced by Applying SPD and Grounding in Wind Turbine

표광진(Kuang-Jin Pyo) ; 이택기(Taeck-Kie Lee) ; 우정욱(Kyu-Ho Kim) ; 김규호(Jung-Wook Woo)

A Study on Enhancement Method for Hosting Capacity of PV System in Distribution System Based on Micro Hydropower Generator

최홍열(Hong-Yeol Choi) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 페레이라마리토(Marito Ferreira) ; 박지현(Ji-Hyun Park) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

Prediction of Special Day’s Hourly Load : Relative Coefficient Method vs Adjusted Coefficient Method

남영진(Young-Jin Nam) ; 조하현(Ha-Hyun Jo)

A Fault Analysis considering the Control Characteristics of PV Inverters in Power Distribution Networks

심기도(Gi-Do Sim) ; 안선주(Seon-Ju Ahn) ; 최준호(Joon-Ho Choi) ; 홍지송(Ji-Song Hong) ; 윤상윤(Sang-Yun Yun)

A Study on Optimal Operations of an Energy Storage System by Using the Multi-Stage Stochastic Optimization and Progressive Hedging Algorithm

손승우(Seungwoo Son) ; 정계명(Kyemyung Jung) ; 김기수(Gi Soo Kim) ; 이두희(Duehee Lee)

Dynamic Analysis of a Hysteresis Motor Considering Separated Induction Torque and Permeability Variation after Synchronization

홍선기(Sun-Ki Hong) ; 한지훈(Ji-Hoon Han) ; 최동진(Dong-Jin Choi)

A Study on the Control Technique of LLC Resonant Converter for LED Driver with 120Hz Ripple Current

권민준(Min-Jun Kwon) ; 이우철(Woo-Cheol Lee)

Analysis of Single-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Capability Curve

최승보(Seungbo Choi) ; 이욱진(Wook-Jin Lee)