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Establishment of Cyber Security Countermeasures amenable to the Structure of Power Monitoring & Control Systems

우필성(Pil Sung Woo) ; 김발호(Balho H. Kim)

Study on the OCR Setting Using the Voltage Component Considering Application of the SFCL in a Power Distribution System

임승택(Seung-Taek Lim) ; 임성훈(Sung-Hun Lim)

An Empirical Study on Autonomous Operation in Emergency Situation of Microgrids

홍지송(Ji-Song Hong) ; 김현우(Hyun-Woo Kim) ; 안선주(Seon-Ju Ahn) ; 최준호(Joon-Ho Choi) ; 윤상윤(Sang-Yun Yun)

Design of New Induction Heating Power Supply for Forging Applications Using Current-Source PWM Converter and Inverter

최승수(Seung-Soo Choi) ; 이창우(Chang-Woo Lee) ; 김인동(In-Dong Kim)

Performance Analysis for Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole Inverter with Clamping Diodes

이윤석(Yoon-Seok Lee) ; 김재혁(Jae-Hyuk Kim) ; 한병문(Byung-Moon Han)

Design of Fuse Elements of Current Sensing Type Protection Device for Portable Secondary Battery Protection System

강창룡(Chang-Yong Kang) ; 김은민(Eun-Min Kim)

Development of a Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor Based on Palladium and Copper Electroplated Laser Induced Graphene Electrode

박대한(Daehan Park) ; 한지훈(Ji-Hoon Han) ; 김태헌(Taeheon Kim) ; 박정호(Jungho Pak)

Development of a Portable Potentiostat with Wireless Communications for Measuring Dissolved Oxygen

이현석(Hyun-Seok Lee) ; 한지훈(Ji-Hoon Han) ; 박정호(Jungho Pak)