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An Analysis of the ESD Protection Characteristic of Chip Varistors Using a Distributed Circuit

홍성모(Hong Sung-Mo) ; 이종근(Lee Jong-Geun) ; 정덕진(Chung Duck-Jin) ; 김주민(Kim Ju-Min)

A Study on the Surface Analysis of Plasma-Treated PET Film

임경범(Lim Kyung-Bum) ; 최훈영(Choi Hoon-Young) ; 이석현(Lee Seok-Hyun) ; 이덕출(Lee Duck-Chool)

Measurement of Impurities and Physical Properties at Semiconductive Shield of a Power Cable

이경용(Lee Kyoung-Yong) ; 양종석(Yang Jong-Seok) ; 최용성(Choi Yong-Sung) ; 박대희(Park Dae-Hee)

The Discharge Characteristic Analysis of a Ramp Reset Waveform Using a 2-Dimensional Numerical Simulation in AC PDP

박석재(Park Suk-Jae) ; 최훈영(Choi Hoon-Young) ; 서정현(Seo Jeong-Hyun) ; 이석현(Lee Seok-Hyun)

A Study of Electromagnetic Interference in Power Line Communication

이진택(Lee Jin-Taek) ; 천동완(Chun Dong-Wan) ; 박영진(Park Young-Jin) ; 이원태(Lee Won-Tae) ; 신철재(Shin Chul-Chai)

Time Domain Combined Field Integral Equation for Transient Electromagnetic Scattering from Dielectric Body

김청수(Kim Chung-Soo) ; 안현수(An Hyun-Su) ; 박재권(Park Jae-Kwon) ; 정백호(Jung Baek-Ho)