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A Study on the Transmission Overload Relief by Fast Switching

조윤성(Cho, Yoon-Sung) ; 이한상(Lee, Han-Sang) ; 장길수(Jang, Gilsoo)

LVRT Scheme for Doubly Fed Induction Generator Systems Based on Flux Tracking Method

박선영(Park, Sun-Young) ; 전영환(Chun, Yeong-Han) ; 이동명(Lee, Dong-Myung)

Development of Outage Cost Impact Index Function of Electricity Energy and Outage Cost Assessment using WOROCAIS

임진택(Lim, Jin-Taek) ; 최재석(Choi, Jae-Seok) ; 전동훈(Jeon, Dong-Hoon) ; 서철수(Seo, Chul-Soo) ; 이재걸(Lee, Jae-Gul)

State Transition Model of Demand Response Considering Behavior Patterns of Customer

곽형근(Kwag, Hyung-Geun) ; 이나은(Lee, Na-Eun) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

Single-Phase Power Factor Correction AC/DC Converter with Short-term Interruption Tolerance

이동수(Lee, Dong-Su) ; 이왕근(Lee, Wang-Geun) ; 전성즙(Jeon, Seong-Jeub)

A Study on Characteristics and Driving Techniques of Energy Recovery Type Inverter for Piezo Actuator Drive

홍선기(Hong, Sun-Ki) ; 이정섭(Lee, Jung-Seop) ; 변남희(Byeon, Nam-Hee) ; 나유청(Na, Yoo-Cheong) ; 강태삼(Kang, Tae-Sam)

1-stage Asymmetrical LLC Resonant Converter with Low Voltage Stress Across Switching Devices

김춘택(Kim, Choon-Taek) ; 김성주(Kim, Seong-Ju) ; 나재두(La, Jae-Du) ; 김영석(Kim, Young-Seok)

Capacitance and Output Current Control by CNT Concentration in the CNT/PVDF Composite Films for Electronic Devices

이선우(Lee, Sunwoo) ; 노임준(No, Im-Jun) ; 신백균(Shin, Paik-Kyun) ; 김용진(Kim, Yongjin)