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Measurement of 2 Dimensional Magnetic Property of Grain-oriented Electrical Steel Sheet According to Exciting Field Direction using SST with 2 Axes Excitation

음영환(Hwan, Eum-Young) ; 김홍정(Kim, Hong-Jung) ; 홍선기(Hong, Sun-Ki) ; 신판석(Shin, Pan-Seok) ; 고창섭(Koh, Chang-Seop)

Integrative Control of Series Active Power Filters for Source Voltage Unbalance Compensation and Power Factor Correction

장정익(Jang, Jeong-Ik) ; 석줄기(Seok, Jul-Ki) ; 이동춘(Lee, Dong-Choon)

Design of EMI filters for an Induction Motor Drive System with Multi-level inverters

김수홍(Kim, Soo-Hong) ; 안영오(Ahn, Young-Oh) ; 방상석(Bang, Sang-Seok) ; 김광섭(Kim, Kwang-Seob) ; 김윤호(Kim, Yoon-Ho)

Sensorless Speed Control of IPMSM using an Adaptive Sliding mode Observer

강형석(Kang, Hyung-Seok) ; 김원석(Kim, Won-Seok) ; 김영석(Kim, Young-Seok)