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Application Optimal Reconfiguration Algorithm for Distribution Power System to KEPCO System

서규석(Seo, Gyu-Seok) ; 백영식(Baek, Yaung-Sik) ; 채우규(Chae, Woo-Gyu)

Calculation of an Induced Voltage on Telecommunication Lines in Parallel Distribution Lines

김현수(Kim, Hyun-Soo) ; 이상봉(Rhee, Sang-Bong) ; 여상민(Yeo, Sang-Min) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan) ; 류승헌(Lyu, Seong-Heon) ; 김성암(Kim, Seong-Arm) ; 원봉주(Weon, Bong-Ju)

Design of a Low-order Pole Placement Power System Stabilizer Using Simultaneous Stabilization

김석주(Kim, Seog-Joo) ; 이종무(Lee, Jong-Moo) ; 권순만(Kwon, Soon-Man)

A Operated Characteristic Analysis of HTS Cable in Unbalanced Load Using PSCAD/EMTDC

이현철(Lee, Hyun-Chul) ; 황시돌(Hwang, Si-Dol) ; 이근준(Lee, Geun-Joon)

A Fault Effect to Induced Voltage of Gas Pipeline in Transmission Systems

김현수(Kim, Hyun-Soo) ; 이상봉(Rhee, Sang-Bong) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan)

A Study on Dielectric Strength and Insulation Property of High Voltage Switchgear Applied Dry Air Gas

정동훈(Jeong, D.H.) ; 정영환(Chung, Y.H.) ; 서경보(Seo, K.B.) ; 김태한(Kim, T.H.) ; 김정배(Kim, J.B.) ; 이학성(Lee, H.S.)

Economic Feasibility of MicroGrid on the Environmental Cost and Operation Type

박중성(Park, Jung-Sung) ; 신혜경(Shin, Hye-Kyeong) ; 이덕수(Lee, Duck-Su) ; 최인선(Choi, In-Sun) ; 최영준(Choi, Young-Jun)